WiseBancc.com – Cryptocurrency FAQ

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a popular digital currency, created and stored electronically. It’s not centrally controlled, nor are bitcoins printed; instead, bitcoins are made by people and businesses through software that solves mathematical problems.

Bitcoins belong to a growing category of digital money called cryptocurrency. One of Bitcoin’s most distinguishing characteristics is that it’s completely decentralized. This means that its network is not controlled by any one institution. This makes a lot of people feel secure because it means that a large bank or institution won’t be able to control their money.

How can I make a deposit?

Simply login using the credentials we sent you and click on the deposit button. We provide a list of deposit options, so simply check them out and make a deposit using our secure deposit feature.

When I request a withdrawal, how fast is my money withdrawn?

We issue your withdrawal request immediately. Your Account Manager will call you to ensure that you have indeed asked for a withdrawal. We do this for security reasons. Withdrawals are normally undertaken over a few short business days, depending on your location and your payment processor.

Why trade Bitcoin instead of buying an actual Bitcoin?

There is no official Bitcoin exchange, hence there is no official Bitcoin price, but here at WiseBancc.com, we’ve partnered with the most popular crypto exchanges and offer Bitcoin and other cryptos at the most competitive market prices.

Unlike stock markets, which have limited opening hours throughout a day or shut down for weekends, Bitcoin exchanges operate around the clock, and most of the exchanges stay within the same price range.

Why are cryptocurrencies so volatile?

Bitcoin and other cryptos are well-known for their rapid and frequent price movements, sometimes even throughout a day. For buyers of the actual coins, this can be a massive drawback. For traders on the other hand, it’s yet another exciting opportunity to gather quick profits.

What’s the difference between buying cryptocurrencies and trading them?

There is a major distinction between buying the actual Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, etc. coin, and trading cryptocurrencies – just like there is in reality.

Trading cryptocurrencies is fairly straightforward and traders – both new and seasoned pros, find that trading Bitcoin and other cryptos gives them excellent returns as the market is so volatile.

When it comes to trading cryptos with WiseBancc.com, you can decide to go Long, which means you believe a crypto will rise against another crypto or an actual currency, or go short, which is the opposite.

Trading with the award-winning WiseBancc.com trading platform is easy. You make a deposit and go long or short.

What does “going Long” mean?

By going Long, it means you think the currency you are buying will increase in price. So you buy a cryptocurrency CFD (Contract for Difference), and sell another one. Doing this on our trading platform is super simple.

What does “going Short” mean?

If you believe a certain crypto like Bitcoin is going to drop in market price, you buy the CFD (Contract for Difference) of a crypto such as ETH (Ethereum), and sell another one. Doing this on our trading platform is extremely easy to do.